Ivan Pyr, born in a village near Varese (Italy) in 1978, started his passion for music when he was only 10 years old and began playing keyboard. 

In the early 90’s he bought the first vinils and his first mixing consolle.
He started playing Dance, Techno, Progressive and finally he came to Trance music, trendy and popular among European young generation but still quite unknown in Italy. But Ivan’s professional path didn’t stop at this stage: he went through to a further specialization in playing guitar and keyboard and some songs (music and lirycs) were also composed. With his first computer Ivan started himself the production of his music using Cubase program and the best available technology, such as the synthesizer Access Virus Ti.
In November 2008 he completed his first track (“Full Emotion”) for the Future Shock Records.

Now Ivan is working hard at some new projects to be developed also with the help of other artists. “Stay tuned!” Ivan